So we girls had a playdate this week and got to spend several hours with my friend, Kelly, and her 2 twin girls.  They are 2 – right between Curly & Tater’s ages – and we had a nice time.  Kelly emailed the next day and said one of her girls was sick.  Uh-oh.

We came home with some kind of bug although ours wasn’t apparent til yesterday.  Kelly & I have agreed to blame it on the one other mom…  Sore throat, low fever, and MAJOR crankiness. ARGH!!!  So I propose that all playdates be followed up by a MOMMYS DAY OUT within 48 hours just to get a break. lol.
But my girls aren’t too bad off – Curly is much better today, although Tater is really unhappy right now.  If I’m not holding to her, tending to her every second – she’s not happy.  Well, I’ll tend to her for the most part, but she’ll be all right if I don’t spend every waking second meeting her every need.

Curly starts “high school” (as she calls it) in less than 2 weeks.  We actually got her school supplies yesterday. GULP!  It’s just mommy’s day out at a Christian preschool – but she got a postcard from her new teacher, and we’re very excited for her to go.  I cried when I read the postcard – but I’m happy for her.  Next week, she & I will go to a tea at the school to meet her teacher, and they have an open house to tour the new Preschool addition that will be ready for her.  SO awesome!!!  I know I’ll cry her first day just because.  It’s pretty cool, too, though.

I start classes on Monday – just 9 hours this semester (6 hrs for 8 weeks, then 3 hrs the next 8 weeks).  I’m certainly ready for that.  Personal Finance & Developmental Psychology, followed by Physiological Psychology.  Trying to stay on top of my core psych courses to get them done, so I can really enjoy and play with the last few courses I have to take to finish.

Yep, a hubby & 2 kids, our house/home, school, and my business – Apparently I AM a glutton for punishment, Daddy!=)

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